Friday, July 25, 2014

The Great Lie/Truth?

There is no ultimate version of ourselves, this is a great lie. 
We will never be the imagined future version of ourselves, we either are it now in its unfolding state, or we are grasping an illusion and calling it reality. 
 The present moment is where we decide what thoughts to think, and what beliefs we wish to accept, and by repeating the mindset of who we wish to be with unwavering commitment and precision in our moment to moment presence do we eventually evolve into that creation of our selves. The universe reorders itself to make our thoughts manifest into physical reality. The amount of passion and love we put into this creative process along with sustained attention is the equation for how quickly what we wish for, manifests.

This can be enhanced by having multiple people sharing the same mindset, and if we can agree to align our beliefs and hearts on a single outcome it can manifest with great speed. We must know that action is required when the time comes and not hesitate. It will be uncomfortable as we shed old beliefs for new, but if we are to evolve, and metamorphosis into the next version of ourselves we must embrace the pain with the same veracity as we do pleasure. 
We are the point of entry for new realities to manifest, it is up to us as individuals to act from our own consciousness and change ourselves on the micro level if we wish to see changes on the macro level.
As below so Above.

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